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Obec Beluša


Beluša is the third largest community in the Slovak republic with almost six thousands inhabitants, lies on the southwestern edge Strážov mountains. Beluša has own parts Podhorie, Hloža. The territory was settled in the Brozne age.  The first written mention comes from the 1330th.  From document of the year 1375 is Beluša mentioned as a town.

The municipality is converted to gas, water, and has built an established part of the sewer. By building gradually enter into urban design.  The municipality has a kindergarten, primary school with 8-Kindergarten Class,  the centre of a leisure time. Health care is provided in a health center. In the municipality carrying on business entities in the field of engineering, timber, rubber and construction industries. Supplying the population to fully ensure business operations.  In the three cultural facilities and home of one sports facility are providing sports and cultural events.

There are many possibilities to cycling, hiking, walking, doing winter or summer sports. Belušské Slatiny has a mineral healthy water springs is effective to rheumatical affection.

The most interesting and precious buildings in Beluša is The Roman- Ghotical Church of St. Ann from 13th century. It´s a one of the largest sacral monuments  on Považie. The Church of St. Elisabeth is from 1560 in renascence style. Attention raises the  Monument of the five fingers (near the cemetery), which is a symbol of five events, which have been in Beluša:

  • The first (from left side)- cholera (in 1831)
  • The second- big hunger and crop failure ( in 1847)
  • The third- The First world war (1914-18)- 77 dead od citizens
  • The Second world war (1939-45)- 9 dead of citizens
  • The fourth- fire ( in 1827) damaged 120 houses, pub, church and three bells were melted.
  • The fifth- flood (in 1823) damaged more than 100 houses.

It´s necessary to mention the state basket school from 1893, which was established by model of the wien school and its known for its goods exported to several states. This school was the only in Slovakia, exhibited several of luxurious goods on the World exhibition in Paris in 1900. On this exhibition was shown the picture of the oldest soldier of the world- Ladislav Škultéty alias Gábriš, the native of Mojtín, who was soldier for 81 years.



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